ITherm 2016 Student Poster and Networking Session

To Apply: Please fill out the Student Poster Session Application Form by February 7, 2016.  The deadline for 2016 applications has passed.

The student poster and networking session is open to all registered students who have submitted a technical paper, and provides opportunities for them to present their research and interact with other conference attendees from industry and academia. There will also be a networking element that allows interested students to distribute resumes and get connected to industrial representatives.

Interested students can apply for these exciting opportunities using the poster application form, available on the conference website. Students who apply will be competitively selected for poster presentation at the conference and for travel grants.

Outstanding posters will also be selected for awards and will be judged based on technical merit, clarity and self-sufficiency of the content, novelty and originality of the work, overall impact of the poster display, and oral presentation at the poster session. The poster awards are independent of the paper awards and the same work is eligible for winning both awards based on the specific judging criteria for each.
We strongly encourage all students who have or plan to submit technical papers to participate at the Student Poster and Networking Session and to utilize these opportunities to publicize your research and help build your network. We look forward to your posters!

Submission and selection criteria:
– Student must be a currently registered undergraduate or graduate student.
– Student must be first/principal author on his or her technical paper that is to be presented at the poster session.
– Only one poster presentation per corresponding technical paper will be accepted.
– All poster applications will be reviewed by the poster committee and some will be competitively selected for poster presentation and travel grants.
– Draft and Final technical papers must be accepted and the student must register for the conference to participate at the poster session and be eligible for the travel grant.
– Travel grant awardee must take part in the entire poster session to receive their reimbursements.
– All paper and poster deadlines must be met to be eligible for poster presentation, grants and awards.

Key Dates:
– Draft paper deadline: Mon. January 11th, 2016
– Poster application form submission deadline: Feb. 7th, 2016
– Poster presentation and travel grant notice: Feb. 21st, 2016.
– Final Paper submit deadline: Mar. 14th, 2016.
– Electronic poster deadline (for judging): Mar. 28th, 2016.

To Apply: Please fill out the Student Poster and Networking Session application form.

For further information, please contact the session committee, at [email protected].