ITherm Achievement Award

— Submission Guidelines (Deadline: January 30, 2017)
— Past Recipients

2016 Award: to Prof. Suresh Garimella, Purdue University, who gave an invited talk at ITherm 2016.


The ITherm Achievement Award, first instituted in 1996, is presented biennially in recognition of significant contributions made in thermal and thermomechanical management of electronics. The Award, to be presented at the ITherm Banquet includes a memento, a plaque, and an honorarium.  Travel, conference registration, and lodging will be complimentary.  The recipient is expected to attend ITherm and present an Invited Lecture on the topic of their choosing. The recipient is selected by an Award Committee comprised of the ITherm Executive Committee (past ITherm General Chairs), the Conference General Chair, and the Conference Program Chair(s).  If any of the committee members listed below are Award nominees, they will be excused from the selection process.  The Committee will be chaired by a member of the ITherm Executive Committee, appointed by the Conference General Chair.

Selection criteria (weightage in parentheses) include the following: PIONEERING electronics thermal/thermomechanical research contributions (33%); SUSTAINED electronics thermal/thermomechanical research contributions (33%); SERVICE to the electronics thermal/thermo-mechanical management community and SUPPORT of ITherm-related activities (33%). These criteria will be publicized on the ITherm website and communicated via email to various mailing lists.

The nomination package should include: NOMINATION letter no longer than 2 pages; listing key accomplishments and basis for nomination; LETTERS of support (up to four letters may be submitted)

Nominations will be considered active for the year in which they were submitted and the two subsequent award cycles (four additional years).  Nominators will be contacted during every cycle to see if they would like to avail of the additional cycles of eligibility for their nominee.

These requirements will be publicized on the ITherm website and communicated via email to various mailing lists.

Nominations will be submitted to the Committee Chair by January 30th of the year of the conference.

— Completed nomination packages will be distributed to the Committee for consideration not less than 1-2 weeks before the balloting.  The list of candidates will be voted on in a two-step process as follows:
— Step 1: Every committee member shall select a top five (unranked selection) from among the pool of nominees.  This selection may either be done during a conference call or anonymously via email to the Conference Administrative Chair, who shall serve as a vote tabulator.  This first step will yield a list of the top vote-getting nominees.
— Step 2:  The top four (or five, at the discretion of the committee) nominees will be voted on using a ranking system awarding 4 points to the top candidate, 3 to the next best, and so on.  Votes will be mailed in to the Administrative Chair, who will serve as vote tabulator.  This second step will be used to identify a consensus Award recipient.
— The selected recipient will be notified informally by the nominator and formally by the Conference Chair. After this, the Award Committee Chair will work with the Conference Chair and the nominator to develop the details of the Award ceremony.
— The nominator will obtain the recipient’s biographical sketch/photograph so that it can be published in the conference proceedings.


Please send the nomination letter (and support letters) to any of the co-chairs listed below:

ITherm 2016 Achievement Award:

Prof. Sushil H. Bhavnani, Chair, [email protected]
Department of Mechanical Engineering
1418C Wiggins Hall
Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849-5341 USA
(334)844-3303 (voice); (334)844-3307 (fax)

Dr. Koneru Ramakrishna, Co-chair, [email protected]
IC Package Development
800 W. Sixth St.
Austin, TX 78701 USA


Past winners include:

2016 – Suresh Garimella

2014 – Dereje Agonafer

2012 – Yogendra Joshi

2010 – Bahgat Sammakia

2008 – Roger R. Schmidt

2006 – Robert J. Moffat

2004 – M. Michael Yovanovich

2002 – Aurthur E. Bergles

2000 – Wataru Nakayama

1998 – Avram Bar-Cohen

1996 – Richard C. Chu