About ITherm

The History of ITherm: Founded in 1986 by Avi Bar-Cohen (U-Minn), Bud Peterson (NIST) and Paul Wesling (Tandem Computers), and held for the first time in 1988, ITherm was a way to move the burgeoning quantity of thermal papers out of ECTC to allow ECTC to expand its coverage of optical components and systems. Since ASME’s InterPack was being held in odd-numbered years, we decided to hold ITherm in even-numbered years and co-locate it with ECTC.

Websites for Recent Years:
2014 ITherm, in Orlando, Florida USA
2016 ITherm, in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

ITherm Past General Chairs

1988 Avram Bar-Cohen
1990 Avram Bar-Cohen
1992 Sevgin Oktay
1994 Alfonso Ortega
1996 Dereje Agonafer
1998 Sushil H. Bhavnani
2000 Gary Kromann
2002 Cristina H. Amon
2004 Koneru Ramakrishna
2006 Bahgat Sammakia
2008 Tom Lee
2010 Yogendra K. Joshi
2012 Sandeep Tonapi
2014 Mehdi Asheghi
20146 Madhu Iyengar