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ITHERM Paper Submission Instructions

Thank you for your interest in  ITHERM 2017. Our paper-submission website is now open, and we encourage your submissions through August 25th.  You may print out this web page (Review Process, Important Dates, Visa Requests, Final Paper Submission)  for reference.

Please Download the Call for Papers

Review the details in our Call for Papers.

Paper Submission Website; Submission of Papers

STEPS for Abstract Submission

  1. To submit an abstract, or revise your submission,
    please visit
  2. Enter author information (including co-authors), select the track that best suits your abstract (from the CFP), and enter paper title. Please submit an abstract (roughly 300-500 words — no figures, tables or graphs), so that we can understand in broad outline what the paper will contain. Click on Submit Abstract.
  3. The contact author will receive an email acknowledgment as well as password by email. The contact author of the paper will be the only co-author who will be able to edit and upload the draft paper or make any changes to this particular paper.
  4. The Contact author can now login to the paper management system and check the status of the paper.
  5. If you wish to submit another abstract, please repeat steps 1-4.
  6. Once accepted (by October 2nd), we expect your full draft paper (for review) during October or November, but no later than December 4, 2015.

Submit your Draft Paper for review

  1. Go to the login page:
  2. Login by using your username and password. You will see all the papers for which you are the designated contact author.
  3. Once your abstract has been accepted, you will see a link for submission of a draft paper. Please submit your draft paper in PDF format.

Requirements for Papers:

  1. After implementing reviewer comments, you will upload your final submission. This includes a PDF of your paper, plus the .doc.docx (WORD) file (unless you use LaTex). Otherwise, use the specific dimensions indicated in the template if using another document preparation system, and create the PDF from that document for submission; IEEE compliance of the PDF will be checked/fixed by us.
  2. We expect papers to be between 4 and 8 pages, but a bit longer is acceptable. Please do not exceed 10 pages.
  3. Please download our Format Spec and our WORD Template. These will be needed as you prepare your full paper for submission.
  4. ITHERM uses a plagerism-checking system.  This allows us to see sections of your paper that are substantially the same as one of your earlier papers, or that copy sections from another published paper or from the Internet.  We have a strict approach to both using your own previously published material (self-plagerism) and copying from others’ works.  When you find it useful to quote other works, please place a citation in your References, and summarize the other material rather than copying it into your own paper.
  5. For final upload and publication in the conference proceedings, we expect most papers to be 4-8 pages in length. We need BOTH the .doc (or source) file, and a PDF that reflects what the final paper looks like.  In many cases, we will use the .doc file to correct any minor formatting issues, and then we’ll make our final PDF for the Proceedings.
  6. At least one of the authors listed on the paper must register for ITHERM 2016 at the full member/non-member rate at the time of uploading the final manuscript, except for student papers, when a student registration is allowed. Authors must be registered by the Final Paper submission date of March 4th. NO-SHOW Policy: If neither the author nor any co-authors of an accepted paper present their paper at the time and place designated during the conference, the paper will very likely not be placed into IEEE Xplore.
  7. Submission of an IEEE Copyright form is required for final accepted papers, and is easily submitted through the IEEE’s eCopyright system.  You will find instructions in the submission system.

Manuscript Review Process

Submitted papers will undergo a rigorous review process handled by the Technical Program Committee. Since the accepted manuscripts will be published as an IEEE publication, each paper must meet minimum standards of quality. All submissions will be rated by the technical program committee based on the following standard criteria:

  • Originality and significance of the work
  • Quality of data/results and interpretation
  • Completeness of the manuscript
  • Non-commercial nature of the manuscript
  • References to the work of others
  • Literary quality (clarity in writing, organization, figures, tables, etc.)

Good use of technical/written English is expected. In cases where sentence structure, grammar, and understandability are not adequate, the technical program committee may require a strong copy-edit by you or your institution as a condition for acceptance of the final paper.

Please note the following important dates:


Abstract Submission Due by August 25, 2016
Notification of Acceptance September 30, 2016
Draft Student-Grant paper Due by December 1, 2016
Draft paper Due by December 1, 2016
Paper Reviews Returned by by February 1, 2017
Final Version of Paper Due * March 1, 2017
Author Registration Due * by March 1, 2017
Hotel Registration Deadline May 1, 2017
Earlybird Registration Deadline May 5, 2017
Conference May 30-June 2, 2017

* — If you require a Letter of Invitation, please request your letter by February 15th (details below). Accepted papers without a registered and attending author/presenter will be withdrawn on March 15th and sessions will be adjusted. Maximum of 2 accepted papers per registered author — a registered author is allowed to present a maximum of two papers at ITherm.

Applying for a USA Visa

  • For authors traveling from outside the USA, you may need to obtain a visa from the USA consulate or embassy in your own country.
  • To assist you, we can provide a Letter of Invitation. Please request this in mid-March, since it can take 2 to 3 months for your local embassy to review your application and grant an approval.
  • Please send your request email to ‘Michael Ohadi’, who is ITHERM 2017 General Chair, with the following information: Your name; your organization (company, university); your business mailing address and city; and the abstract number(s) or title of your paper(s). Include your passport number if you wish us to reference it; also your date of birth and city, for students (if your local embassy requests this). We will address the letter to “To Whom It May Concern” unless you give us the city of your nearest USA embassy, or an organization or person.
  • Co-authors are also welcome to register, and to receive a Letter of Invitation.
  • You will receive a PDF of a formal Letter of Invitation, suitable to submit to the USA embassy.Those traveling from outside the USA and belonging to a visa waiver program (VWP) participating country may not need to apply for a visa. Instead, please complete the ESTA online application and receive authorization for travel to the USA. Website:

Submission of Final Papers


  • Please reconcile the review comments and update your manuscript. You may wish to rewrite certain sections for greater clarity, add endnotes (references), etc. Your paper (in final form) should be uploaded to the submission server during February, but no later than March 4th.
  • You should again use our WORD template for your final paper (or an equivalent LaTeX layout). You may download these two files:
  • Our Format Spec (PDF), showing column widths, text sizes, etc.
  • Our Word Template File (.doc), for access to ITHERM Styles and instructions.
  • You will upload both the .doc version and the PDF version (or PDF only, if you use LaTeX).

Notes about Paper Content, Indexing

How does IEEE Copyright work?

  • IEEE will hold the copyright to your ITHERM paper, and it will be placed in their Xplore online system. You should not have already presented/published the SAME paper, copyrighted by another entity.
  • You cannot present the paper and then decline to place the paper in Xplore; we require an executed Copyright form, and we wish to place the paper in the IEEE’s world-wide research database.
  • IEEE gives very liberal reprint rights to the author. However, the paper should be changed/updated/restructured before it is copyrighted by a future entity (including the IEEE).
  • If you want to REPRINT the paper in a magazine, compendium, etc, then you may ask the IEEE Copyrights Manager for permission, which is usually granted. The Magazine will be asked to add a footnote indicating that the material is copyrighted by the IEEE and is used with permission. There is usually no cost involved.
  • IEEE may have an Open Access option in place during 2016.  If so, then by paying the one-time charge, we can have your paper be freely downloadable from the Xplore system without any payment from the reader.  Please inquire, if you wish to explore this option.

Where will ITHERM papers be indexed?

Papers which are accepted and presented at the conference will be placed into IEEE’s Xplore/IEL database and indexed in INSPEC,  This information is made available to Elsevier’s Ei index, and ISI/Thomson Reuters’ SCI, SSCI and ISTP services, which may place your paper’s metadata in their indices. In addition, the metadata and full text will be indexed by Google and Google Scholar, for wider access to research results.

We invite you to browse the program from ITHERM 2014 in Orlando, and to access the final papers in IEEE’s Xplore system, at Those whose institutions are subscribers can download any papers; others can access the abstracts.

For further assistance, please contact the ITHERM Technical Program Chair Thomas Brunschwiler at [email protected].